About Us

Let's Talk and Learn Therapy Center is a private pediatric therapy and child development center Pampanga. It currently has 2 branches located in City of Fernando and a new branch in Bacolor. 

It was first established in 2007 as Let's Talk Therapy Center and it solely provided Speech-Language Therapy.  

It was later renamed as Let's Talk and Learn Therapy Center in 2008 and currently provides wide array of child development services from an Interdisciplinary Team of Licensed and Certified Professionals. 

Let's Talk and Learn Therapy Center is the FIRST therapy center in Pampanga to provide High Quality Services from Licensed & Certified Professionals who graduated from the Top Universities in the Country. 

Let's Talk and Learn Therapy Center specializes in Speech-Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Development and Behavioral Pediatrics Medical Assessment, SPED and Child Development Programs. It also PIONEERED Special Programs in Pampanga which are YOGA for KIDS-TEENS and School Readiness.

Let's Talk and Learn Therapy Center is Committed in providing our clients the Highest Quality Service to let them unlock and reach their maximum potential, thus making them more independent in their everyday lives. 

We strongly encourage Family Involvement and strengthen Interdisciplinary Teamwork within our professionals during the course of treatment. We greatly believe that "Working Together" is fundamental to achieve a Remarkable Improvement in our Client's Development. 
We Advocate to EMPOWER not just Families, but the Community and also Help in Increasing & Spreading Awareness about Children with Exceptional Needs. 

Building Hopes... Fulfilling Dreams... To Your Child's Exceptional Needs.


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